Your Safety Is Our Priority

Anonymity and Security:

Our pixelated first round gives you full control over who sees you. This feature ensures not only the highest level of data protection but also provides security, allowing you to feel relaxed and protected. It especially offers prominent users the opportunity to maintain their identity.

Celebrity Privacy:

Prominent users are offered a secure space where they can unfold without being recognized. In the first round, you have control over your identity. We understand how important it is to shape your own dating experience while remaining safe and incognito. At Pixllove, you will be treated just like everyone else, regardless of your celebrity status.

No Social Media Linkage:

Pixllove provides you with an independent and protected dating experience without the need to link your social media account. Your data belongs to you alone, and we guarantee that you meet authentic matches who connect with you in an honest way.

Control over Matches:

The control of the match decision is entirely up to you. Only when both users choose to click 'Unblur,' do you move on to the second round where you can see each other. And only when both click 'Like,' do you enter the third round, activating a permanent chat.


Whether in live chat or text chat, your safety is our top priority. You always have the option to report your conversation partner if something seems off or if you don't feel secure. We won't leave you alone and are here to address your concerns and ensure your well-being.

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