Frequently Asked Questions about Pixllove

1. What is Pixllove?

Pixllove is an innovative dating app that focuses on making connections based on common needs and interests rather than primarily focusing on appearance. With a unique 3-round method, you get to know the personality first before deciding to reveal the other person’s appearance.


2. How does the 3-round method work?

In the first round, the other person is pixelated. The focus is on your own needs and the conversation. After 3 minutes, both parties can decide to depixelate the image. In the second round, both can see each other and decide if they want to proceed. If there is mutual interest, a pixl match is confirmed in the third round, and chat features are unlocked.


3. Is Pixllove safe?

Yes, safety and privacy of our users are paramount at Pixllove. Users decide who can see their pictures. Only when both participants agree, pictures or chats are unlocked.


4. How does Pixllove protect my data?

Pixllove utilizes state-of-the-art encryption techniques to ensure your data is secure. Additionally, data is stored in secure databases, and we have strict privacy policies.


5. Why should I prefer Pixllove over other dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Lovoo, Badoo, etc.?

Pixllove values building relationships based on common needs and interests rather than primarily focusing on appearance. Our 3-round method promotes deeper, authentic conversations and genuine connections.


6. How do I report inappropriate behavior or users?

Your safety is our top priority. You can report inappropriate behavior or users directly through the app. In the live chat, you can report the person by clicking on the white flag. Our team will review all reports and take appropriate action.


7. Does using Pixllove cost anything?

Pixllove offers a free basic version. There are also premium features that can be unlocked for a fee. Details can be found in the app.