Become Our Affiliate Partner and Profit!

We are delighted to welcome you as a potential partner for our app! As part of our affiliate program, you can benefit from Pixllove by using your personalized promo code, once other users utilize it.

  • Personalized QR Code and Promo Code: For each of your marketing efforts, we’ll provide you with a unique QR code and promo code that your customers can use. 


  • Profit Sharing: You’ll earn attractive profit share for every purchase made with your promo code. This will be settled monthly, allowing you to benefit regularly from your efforts.


  • Regular Contract Renewal: Our affiliate contract will be automatically renewed every two months to ensure a long-term partnership.

How to Get Started:

1. Contract: Begin the contract setup process by signing up for the Affiliate program.


2. Needs Analysis: Determine your material requirements and quantities in a meeting.


3. Participation Requirement: Pay a one-time fee of 20 AED for an individual QR code, plus potential costs for materials.

(for example 60 AED for 500 table sticker or 50 AED for 1000 flyers).


4. Material Reception: Receive your personalized QR code and materials with your promo code after payment


5. Promotion: Start promoting our app and earn commissions from every purchase made through your promo code.

Contact us:

Interested to invest in Pixllove?

Interested in Investing in Pixllove?

We’re thrilled to announce that Pixllove is actively seeking investors to join us on our journey.


Why Invest in Pixllove?

Pixllove stands out with its innovative approach to dating. Our unique platform offers users the opportunity to connect in a meaningful way, focusing on personality and compatibility rather than superficial appearances. With a proven track record of success and rapid growth potential in the dating industry, Pixllove presents an exciting investment opportunity.


Get in Touch If you’re intrigued by the prospect of being part of our success story, please reach out to us at

We’d love to discuss this opportunity further with you.